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Digital Technician

Your digital technician is your partner during a shoot. They don't just download your images, but they manage backups and client experience, and even check your focus as you move along.  A light didn't fire or a battery is low - a good digital technician will see these problems coming a mile away. Lets take your shoot to the next level.



Over 10 years of on-set digi tech experience and expert knowledge of capture programs such as Capture One and Lightroom. Ready to solve technical and equipment issues all day long. 



Having the right gear for the right scenario will make a challenging shoot a breeze. Fully equipped macs with the matching accessories; riding on the right station for the location; plus all the dongles, cables, and doodads. 



With over 15 years of set experience ranging from celebrities, film production, automotive, product, food, and more- Robert has a vast experience pool to pull on which helps provide a quality photographer & client experience.

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